By joining the Transport Economists’ Group, members agree that the contact details they have supplied may be retained and used by the Group for administration purposes. This is to enable the TEG to keep members informed of activities of the Group and those of similar organisations that may be of interest. It is the long-standing policy of the TEG never to pass any information it holds about members to other organisations without the specific permission of the member concerned and only on a one-off basis.

Members have an option to include details of qualifications and/or honours, together with employment and/or other affiliations, as part of their membership record. A list of members’ names is circulated to other members at least once a year. Members may opt out of having their names included on the list. They may also opt to have additional information included with their entry as desired. This list is made available only to current members for their personal use.

The Membership Secretary maintains records of applications, annual renewals and significant changes to the details for each member to assist with any queries. Banking or debit/credit card details are never included as part of the membership records. All information relating to lapsed members is deleted after five years. Computer records held by the Membership Secretary are kept on a secure system to PCI DSS standards. Any member who wishes to obtain a copy of their data which the TEG holds should apply to the Membership Secretary, whose address can be found on the website. We may make a charge for providing this data.