Meeting reports are published in the Journal only where the speakers have consented for this to be done. The table below provides links to copies of the Journal in which the various meeting reports appeared. The month in which the meeting took place is also shown.

Volume 13 – Number 3 John Raftery
Coopers & Lybrand
The Channel Link November 1985
Phil Goodwin
TSU, University of Oxford
One person operation of buses in LondonJanuary 1985
Volume 13 – Number 4Roland Niblett
Senior Group Planner, Greater London Council
Public transport in London – the next ten yearsDecember 1985
Chris Nash
University of Leeds
The value of time for inter-city business travel January 1986
Mark D Bedeman
Managing Director, SPD Contract Distribution
The development of the NFC in freight distributionFebruary 1986
James Isaac
Director-General, West Midlands PTE
Deregulation – an operator’s viewMarch 1986
Volumer 14 – Number 1Peter Morrell
air transport consultant
British Airways – a privatised monopoly?May 1986
Bill Steinmetz
Booz Allen & Hamilton
Effective capital investment in railways: a European comparisonJune 1986
Volume 14 – Number 2Phil Cornwell
Traffic & Transport Consultants
Bus and rail mass transit in developing countriesSeptember 1986
John Segal
Operational Research Unit, British Rail
The case for parkway stationsOctober 1986
John Preston
ITS, University of Leeds
New local rail stationsOctober 1986
Volume 14 – Number 3Richard Mackenzie
TSU, Oxford University
Long term demand elasticitiesNovember 1986
Volume 14 – Number 4Professor Rigas Doganis
TSU, Polytechnic of Central London
Prospects for European airlines in a deregulated environmentDecember 1986
David Quarmby
Distribution Director, J Sainsbury plc
Road network improvements – identifying the wider benefits of freight distributionJanuary 1987
Chris Green
Director, Network SouthEast, British Rail
Sector management in British RailFebruary 1987
John Dodgson
University of Liverpool
Urban public transport subsidiesFebruary 1987
Volume 15 – Number 1Mark Egerton
Senior Economic Adviser, Ministry of Transport
Value of timeApril 1987
Kieran Holmes
Derbyshire County Council
A County Council view of bus deregulationMay 1987
Volume 15 – Number 2Peter Stonham
“Bus Business”
Transport for tourists: transport of and travel by overseas visitors in BritainNovember 1987
Phil Jobling
Greater Manchester PTA
Manchester Airport Rail LinkNovember 1987
Volume 15 – Number 3Sion Howarth
London Docklands Development Corporation
Transport developments in DocklandsOctober 1987
Tony Harrison
Alastair Dick & Associates
Progress on the Channel TunnelDecember 1987
Douglas Turner
Development of Stansted AirportFebruary 1988
Aidan Nelson
British Railways Board
Freight: road v rail – the rail perspectiveFebruary 1988
Volume 15 – Number 4Jeremy Vanke
Aston University
The effect of major roads on the local economyJanuary 1988
Graham Bowskill
Principal Engineer, Department of Transport
Transport Assessment Studies in LondonApril 1988
Barry Perrott
Senior Management Consultant, British Airways
British Airways privatisation – one year onMay 1988
Volume 16 – Number 1Kingsley Lewis
Associate Director Economics, Colin Buchanan & Partners
Area bus deregulation studiesOctober 1988
Volume 16 – Number 2Robin W Wilkins
Managing Director, Hoverspeed Ltd
The role of Hoverspeed in the cross-channel market November 1988
Ken Gwilliam
ITS, University of Leeds
The economics of regulation in the taxicab industryNovember 1988
Volume 16 – Number 3Dr Mike Collop
Department of Transport
The National Travel SurveyDecember 1988
Nick Lethbridge
Director Infrastructure, J. Henry Schroeder Wagg
Private finance for rail schemesFebruary 1989
Tony FlowerdewCar-only toll roadsMarch 1989
Volume 16 – Number 4Roland Niblett
Strategic Planning Manager, Network SouthEast
The Central London Rail StudyJanuary 1989
Tom Bass
Head of Economics Policy Division, Civil Aviation Authority
Air deregulationApril 1989
Peter White and Roy Turner
Transport Studies Group, Polytechnic of Central London
MinibusesJune 1989
Volume 17 – Number 1ConferenceFinancing public transport investment1989
Volume 17 – Number 2Geoff Copley
MVA Consultancy
Development of the London Transportation StudyOctober 1989
Peter Stonham
Publisher, Local Transport Today
Competition and monopoly in the bus industry – who has won the war?December 1989
Reg Evans
Halcrow Fox & Associates
The East London Rail StudyFebruary 1990
Elizabeth Flood
House of Commons Private Bills Office
The transport legislative process – a guide to Private BillsMarch 1990
Volume 17 – Number 3Tom Bass
Civil Aviation Authority
Airport capacity in the South EastNovember 1989
Jill BeardwoodA viewpoint on cost-benefit analysisJanuary 1990
Richard Balcombe
Transport & Road Research
Change in the taxi marketApril 1990
Keith Gardner
London Planning Advisory Committee
The scope for road pricing in LondonMay 1990
Volume 18 – Number 1Tim Pharoah
Polytechnic of South Bank
Roger Khanna
Frank Graham & Partners
The role of traffic calmingOctober 1990
Bill Tyson
Director of Planning, Greater Manchester PTE
Economic evaluation of light rail systemsDecember 1990
Alan Kreppel
South Wales Transport
Management and employee buyouts in the bus industryJanuary 1991
Volume 18 – Number 2ConferenceLinks with EuropeFebruary 1991
Volume 18 – Number 3Dr Norman Lee
University of Manchester
The environmental impact of transport projectsMarch 1991
Russell KilvingtonPublic transport deregulation in the UK and New ZealandApril 1991
Tom Ogier
Policy Unit, British Rail
How the national economy affects BR’s financial performanceMay 1991
Volume 19 – Number 1Peter Warman
The development of river bus servicesOctober 1991
Nigel Jones
British Rail
Competition in the bulk freight marketNovember 1991
Michael Asteris
Portsmouth Polytechnic
The decline of British shippingDecember 1991
Volume 19 – Number 2Paul Amos
Managing Director, Morgan Transport
Transport reforms in AustraliaJanuary 1992
Hugh Collis
Ove Arup & Partners
Red Routes in LondonFebruary 1992
Dr Roger Mackett
University College London
The use of urban models to analyse transport policyMarch 1992
Volume 19 – Number 2 (Supplement)SeminarBus deregulation1992
Volume 19 – Number 3Andrew Gay
Director, London Regeneration Consortium
The interaction of property development and transport infrastructureApril 1992
Nigel Dennis
Transport Studies Group, Polytechnic of Central London
The North Atlantic airline marketMay 1992
DiscussionOptions for the privatisation of British RailJune 1992
Volume 20 – Number 1Caralampo Focas
London Research Centre
London and Paris transport comparisonOctober 1992
Malcolm Fairhurst
London Transport
London Transport’s Fares PolicyDecember 1992
Andrew Evans
Centre for Transport Studies, University of London
Economic appraisal of transport safety January 1993
Volume 20 – Number 2Professor Peter Jones
University of Westminster
Road pricing policy issuesFebruary 1993
SeminarRailway privatisation1993
Volume 20 – Number 3Peter Morrell
Cranfield Institute of Technology
New entrant airlines and European liberalisationNovember 1992
Stephen Balogh
Countdown Project Manager, London Transport
Real-time passenger information systems: the London Transport Route 18 experienceMarch 1993
Keith Gardner
London Planning Advisory Committee
London – a world cityMay 1993
Richard Cuthbert
W. S. Atkins Planning
Justification of motorway widening schemesJune 1993
Volume 21 – Number 1Professor Gordon Mills
Centre for Micro-economic Policy, University of Sydney
Privately-owned toll roads in SydneySeptember 1993
Peter White
University of Westminster
Bus deregulation – reverting to the London model?October 1993
Roger McGlynn
W. S. Atkins Planning
Transport in eastern European cities – WarsawNovember 1993
Sian Thornthwaite
Independent Consultant
Schools transport and congestionDecember 1993
Volume 21 – Number 2David Ling
University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology
Manchester Metrolink – 18 months onJanuary 1994
Tim Pharoah
South Bank University
Towards sustainable transport policiesFebruary 1994
Tom Worsley
Department of Transport
The package approach to funding of local authority transportMarch 1994
Mark Sampson
Trafficmaster – real time traffic informationApril 1994
Philip O’Donnell
Track access chargingMay 1994
Volume 21 – Number 3Professor Peter Jones
University of Westminster
Policies for public transport and traffic in European citiesOctober 1994
Volume 22 – Number 1Dr Vijay Ramdas
Civil Engineering Research Centre, Transport Research Laboratory
Whole life costs of road pavementsNovember 1994
Professor Douglas McWilliams
Chief Executive, The Centre for Economic and Business Research Ltd.
Economic benefits of transport services and infrastructureDecember 1994
Matthew Quinn
Transport and Environment Policy, Department of the Environment
Transport – minimising the costs, maximising the benefitsJanuary 1995
Dr Phil Goodwin
Director, TSU, University of Oxford
Issues related to the SACTRA report “Trunk roads and the generation of traffic”March 1995
Volume 22 – Number 2SeminarPrivate finance in transport infrastructure for public use1995
Jayne Heggett
The National Cycle NetworkApril 1995
Volume 22 – Number 3Jeremy Toner
ITS, University of Leeds
The future of taxi and private hire car licensingFebruary 1995
David Gane
Director, Oscar Faber TPA
A review of the Greater Manchester MetrolinkMay 1995
Jonathan Sloggett
Managing Director, Dover Harbour Board
Challenges facing the Port of Dover in the light of competition from the Channel TunnelJune 1995
Alastair Duff
General Manager, Transportation Policy, Heathrow Airport
Public transport at Heathrow AirportOctober 1995
Volume 23 – Number 1Peter Leach
Atkins Wootton Jeffreys
The lessons learned from the ROMANSE project: implementation of Advanced Transport Telematics in HampshireDecember 1995
Malcolm Fergusson
Institute for European Environmental Policy
The environmental and transport policy dimensions of company car taxationJanuary 1996
Clive Gilliam
The MVA Consultancy
The London Congestion Charging StudyMarch 1996
Volume 23 – Number 2Paul Buchanan
Halcrow Fox
The pricing and financing of urban transport: an investigation of pricing policies to achieve a modal shift from cars to public transportNovember 1995
Volume 23 – Number 3Professor James Cooper
Cranfield Centre for Logistics and Transportation
Freight transport: environmental impact of supply chain re-designFebruary 1996
Nigel Dennis
Transport Studies Group, University of Westminster
The competitive role of secondary airports in major conurbationsJune 1996
Volume 24 – Number 1Michael Lee
Office of Passenger Rail Franchising
Passenger rail franchisingMay 1996
Colin Poole
The Office of the Rail Regulator
The role of The Office of the Rail RegulatorOctober 1996
Geoffrey Sumner
Monopolies and Mergers Commission
The role of MMC in regulating the bus industryNovember 1996
Volume 24 – Number 2Roger Torode
London Transport
The London Transport Prestige ProjectDecember 1996
Malcolm Buchanan
Colin Buchanan & Partners
Transport to the Millennium Exhibition in GreenwichJanuary 1997
Mark Valleley
University of Westminster
The economic implications of parking policyFebruary 1997
Volume 24 – Number 3David Clements
PFI Director, W S Atkins Consultants Limited
DBFO – developing the operator roleMarch 1997
Julia Clarke
Director, Rail Freight Group
The future for rail freight in the UKApril 1997
John Dodgson
National Economic Research Associates
Modelling national vehicle emissions in the road and rail sectorsMay 1997
Volume 25 – Number 1Tony Travers
Greater London Group, LSE
Keith Gardner
London Planning Advisory Committee
Transport and the Greater London AuthorityOctober 1997
Mark Bunting
P.M. Bunting & Associates
Developments in Canadian transportNovember 1997
John Fawkner
London Transport
The role of public transport in EuropeDecember 1997
Volume 25 – Number 2Professor Bill Bradshaw
Wolfson College, Oxford
The structure of the railway industryJanuary 1998
Roger Vickerman
University of Kent
The cross-Channel marketMarch 1998
David Warren
Rail Planning Manager, London Transport
Crossrail – the way aheadApril 1998
Volume 25 – Number 3Michael Colella
The Portland Group
Global airport privatisation trendsFebruary 1998
Sinead Flavin
University of Westminster
Company car policyMay 1998
Volume 26 – Number 1Martin Shenfield
Berkeley Hanover Consultancy
Transport investment and regenerationOctober 1998
Sue Lownds
Independent Consultant
Management of change: building the Heathrow ExpressNovember 1998
Peter Bonsall
ITS, University of Leeds
Road capacity reallocation – a draft Guide to Best PracticeDecember 1998
Volume 26 – Number 2Michèle Dix
Director, Halcrow Fox
Developing road traffic reduction targets for LondonJanuary 1999
Malcolm Roberts
Director, Colin Buchanan and Partners
Quality Bus PartnershipsMarch 1999
Volume 26 – Number 3Phil Haywood
Director of Planning, SYPTE
South Yorkshire Supertram – some myths explodedApril 1999
Mark Wardman
ITS, University of Leeds
Evaluation of railway rolling stockMay 1999
Chris Bolt
Regulation Director, Transco (former Rail Regulator)
Railway regulation: the first five years – some personal reflectionsOctober 1999
Volume 27 – Number 1Martin Lawrence
Senior Consultant, Oscar Faber
Evaluating Red Route schemesMarch 1999
Andy Griffiths
General Manager, London River Services Ltd
London River ServicesMay 1999
Volume 27 – Number 2Nigel Dennis
Transport Studies Group, University of Westminster
Low cost airlines and scheduled airline operationsNovember 1999
Reg Evans
Technical Director, Halcrow Fox
Road User Charging options for LondonJanuary 2000
Roger Mackett
Centre for Transport Studies, University of London
The potential to reduce the number of short car journeysMarch 2000
David Pontefract
Regional Director, Oscar Faber
Travel Plans – the costs and benefitsMay 2000
Volume 27 – Number 3Supt. Tony Thompson and John Bentley
British Transport Police
The role and financing of the British Transport PoliceDecember 1999
Professor Peter White
University of Westminster
Bus issues and the Transport BillFebruary 2000
Professor Peter Hills
University of Newcastle
The analysis of congested road networksApril 2000
Keith Gardner
Strategy Manager (Transport), Greater London Authority
The London Mayor’s Transport StrategyJune 2000
SeminarNew approaches to transport appraisalJune 2000
Volume 28 – Number 1Roger Mackett and Ela Babalik
Centre for Transport Studies, UCL
Enhancing the success of light rail systemsOctober 2000
Hugh Gunn
Hague Consulting
Rob Sheldon
The value of timeNovember 2000
Chris Austin
Executive Director External Relations, Strategic Rail Authority
Rail strategies for BritainDecember 2000
Volume 28 – Number 2Zyg Kowalczyk
LBI Programme Director, Transport for London
The London Bus Initiative PartnershipJanuary 2001
Jon Willis
Head of Project Development, Transport for London
Intermediate modes in LondonMarch 2001
Volume 28 – Number 3Professor Stephen Glaister
Imperial College London
Alternative policy options for public transportApril 2001
Joyce M Dargay
Transport Studies Unit, University College London
Mark Hanly
The TAS Partnership Ltd.
Bus fare elasticitiesMay 2001
Juliette Jowit
Transport Correspondent, Financial Times
Confessions of a Transport CorrespondentNovember 2001
Volume 29 – Number 1SeminarForecasting transport demandMarch 2001
Mark Bayley
Group Treasurer, London & Continental Railways
Bernard Gambrill
Union Railways
Financing the Channel Tunnel Rail LinkJune 2001
Henry Abraham
Greater London Authority
The Mayor’s Transport Strategy for LondonSeptember 2001
Professor Andrew Evans
Centre for Transport Studies, University College London
Economics of rail safetyNovember 2001
Volume 29 – Number 2Michèle Dix
Assistant Director, Transport for London
The proposed Congestion Charging Scheme in London -translating theory into practiceJanuary 2002
Michael Schabas
GB Railways
Rail privatisationFebruary 2002
Tony Travers
Greater London Group, London School of Economics
PPP for the Underground – tackling the right problem with the wrong solutionApril 2002
Volume 29 – Number 3Roland Niblett
Director, Colin Buchanan & Partners
Transport in ShanghaiMarch 2002
Robert A Cochrane
Independent Consultant and Visiting Professor, Imperial College
The modern trolleybus – the economist’s tram? Role, economics and regulationMay 2002
Robin Pratt
Associate, Steer Davies Gleave
Slot allocation and airport chargingJune 2002
Volume 30 – Number 1Martin Tugwell
Head of Regional Transport Planning
Regional Transport Strategy for South East EnglandOctober 2002
Peter White
Professor of Public Transport, University of Westminster
Regulatory options for the bus and coach industryNovember 2002
Reg Evans
The future development of air transport in the UK: the South EastDecember 2002
Volume 30 – Number 2Mary Thomas
Neil Georgeson
Transport for London
The Croydon Tramlink Impact StudyJanuary 2003
Dick Dunmore
Steer Davies and Gleave
Strategies for low cost airlinesMarch 2003
Malcolm Fairhurst
Fares and Ticketing Manager, Transport for London
“Oyster” and “Pre-Pay”May 2003
Volume 30 – Number 3Roger Allport
Improving decision making for major urban rail projectsFebruary 2003
Geoff Copley
Multi-modal Studies and the 10-year PlanJune 2003
David Starkie
Economics-Plus Ltd / RPI Oxford
Pricing runway use in the Peak and Off-peakDecember 2003
Volume 31 – Number 1Bob Stannard
Strategic Rail Authority
Current appraisal issues from an SRA perspectiveNovember 2003
Christopher Clark
Strategic Rail Authority
Commuter services on CTRL and the Integrated Kent FranchiseJanuary 2004
Julia ClarkeMaking markets work in rail freightFebruary 2004
Volume 31 – Number 2Michèle Dix
Director Congestion Charging, Transport for London
Congestion Charging – is it working?October 2003
Roger Ford
Modern Railways
Increasing costs of railMarch 2004
Professor Alan WallerThe Working Time Directive: turning a challenge into an opportunityMay 2004
Volume 31 – Number 3Scott Lester
Bus Priority Manager, Transport for London
Martin Lawrence
London Bus Priority: the story so far …April 2004
Michael Spackman
NERA Special Advisor
Appraisal and evaluation: evolution and potential of the Treasury Green BookJune 2004
Neil Paulley
The demand for public transportOctober 2004
Volume 32 – Number 1Lesley HodsdonThe impact of rail privatisation on the labour marketNovember 2004
Emily Bulman and John Dodgson
NERA Economic Consulting
European railways – their finances and state fundingDecember 2004
Daniel Heuman
Colin Buchanan & Partners
The economics of walkingJanuary 2005
Volume 32 – Number 2Professor Roger VickermanTrans-European Transport NetworksFebruary 2005
Chris Bolt
Chairman, Office of Rail Regulation
Implementing the Rail Review – economic and commercial challenges
Scott McIntosh
Mott MacDonald
Light Rail is good for youApril 2005
Volume 32 – Number 3Paul Davey
Hutchinson Ports (UK)
Container port development in the United KingdomMay 2005
Tim Larner
Director, PTEG Support Unit
Controlled competition in the bus industryJune 2005
Volume 33 – Number 1Ian Brown
London Rail, Transport for London
A vision for the development of rail in LondonSeptember 2005
Chris Gibbard
Transport Direct
Transport Direct: creating a national transport information portalDecember 2005
Hugh Ashton
Steer Davies Gleave
Eurotunnel: how did we get here and where to nextJanuary 2006
Andrew Evans & Puff Addison
Centre for Transport Studies
Interaction between rail and road safetyMarch 2006
Volume 33 – Number 2Michael Woods
Rail Standards & Safety Board
Toward a better understanding of the economics of level crossingsNovember 2005
Peter White
University of Westminster
Express coach servicesFebruary 2006
Sir Christopher FosterTransport, transport policy and the environmentApril 2006
Volume 33 – Number 3Tom Worsley
Department for Transport
Economic analysis and modelling for the 2004 feasibility study of road pricing in the UKOctober 2005
Tim Leunig
Department of History, London School of Economics
Victorian railways and the British economyMay 2006
Phil Smith
Consultant, Interfleet Technology
The impact of new technology on rail costsSeptember 2006
John Bates
Independent Consultant
Too many cars? – ownership, use and alternativesOctober 2006
Douglas Vallgren
Norwich Union
Norwich Union “Pay As You Drive” insuranceNovember 2006
Volume 34 – Number 1SeminarHigh Speed RailMarch 2007
Alec McTavish
Director, Policy & Regulation, ATOC
The impact of technology on ticketing and rail pricingJune 2007
Volume 34 – Number 2Iain Docherty
Department of Management, University of Glasgow
Transport appraisal in a devolved ScotlandMarch 2007
Alan Bennett & Francesco Dionori
Steer Davies Gleave
Railfreight in Europe: liberalisation or dirigisme?April 2007
Mike Garratt
MDS Transmodal
Supply and demand in the deep-sea container industry and its impact on the transport infrastructure of Great BritainSeptember 2007
Volume 34 – Number 3Dr Andy Cope
Research & Monitoring Unit Manager, Sustrans
Developing an economic appraisal framework for walking and cycling schemesOctober 2007
Chris Tarry
Any winners? The possible and likely impacts of Open SkiesNovember 2007
Dr Nigel Dennis
Senior Research Fellow, University of Westminster
Developments in airline pricing and yield managementJanuary 2008
Volume 35 – Number 1David Thompson
Chief Economist, Department for Transport
Competition, regulation & investment in airport capacity – issues for the UK?February 2008
Rana Roy
Board Member, Transport for London
The new thinking on investment appraisal – the case of CrossrailMarch 2008
Duro BasicThe financial optimisation of road maintenance in LondonApril 2008
Gavin Gaunt & Paul O’Sullivan
Department for Transport
NATA refresh update progress, stakeholder investment and congestion TIFMay 2008
Volume 35 – Number 2Tom Worsley & Preetum Domah
Rail Network Analysis & Modelling Division, Department for Transport
The High Level Output Statement & Network Modelling FrameworkJune 2008
John Swanson
Associate, Steer Davies Gleave
System Dynamics and economicsSeptember 2008
Stephen Glaister
Director of the RAC Foundation and Emeritus Professor of Transport & Infrastructure, Imperial College
Roads & reality: A High Level Output Statement?October 2008
Volume 35 – Number 3SeminarCities, transport and the economyMarch 2009
Volume 36 – Number 1Nick FentonAppraisal of the dynamic use of the hard shoulderNovember 2008
Chris StokesRailway electrification – the financial caseFebruary 2009
Volume 36 – Number 2Paul McMahonThe 2008 Periodic Review: context, decisions and implicationsMarch 2009
Peter White
Professor of Public Transport Systems, University of Westminster
The local bus industry, current economic issues and future prospectsApril 2009
David Starkie
Economics Plus Limited
The airport industry in a competitive environment: a United Kingdom perspectiveMay 2009
Volume 36 – Number 3Jamie Simpson, Jonathan Beard, Ted Laing & Robert CochraneContainer port development in China: past and presentJanuary 2009
Peter Field & Carol SmalesThe London Overground Concession: standards, ticketing and structureJune 2009
Adrian GaultMeeting transport’s carbon challengeSeptember 2009
Volume 37 – Number 1John Segal
Director, MVA Consultancy
A strategy for a high speed rail network in Britain – why do we want one?October 2009
Allan Provins
Economics for the Environment Consultancy
Value transport’s impact on the natural landscapeNovember 2009
Dr Richard Batley
Principal Research Fellow, ITS, University of Leeds
Methods for valuing the reliability of travel across different modesJanuary 2010
Volume 37 – Number 2Richard Walker
South East England Partnership Board
Developing a strategic bus and coach network for the greater South EastMarch 2010
Dr John Disney
Nottingham Business School
The impact of concessionary free travel on the commercial bus marketApril 2010
Lyndsey Williams
Social Research & Evaluation, Department for Transport
Evaluation of cycle schemesMay 2010
Volume 37 – Number 3Jason Gooding
Senior Project Manager, Nottingham City Council
The Nottingham Workplace Parking LevyJune 2010
Michael Hurwitz & Dennis MorganLow emission vehiclesOctober 2010
Tim Griffiths
Office of Rail Regulation and Rail Value for Money Study Team
The McNulty Rail Value for Money studyNovember 2010
Volume 38 – Number 1SeminarTransport – the route to recovery?March 2011
Volume 38 – Number 2Bayo Dosunmu
Public Transport Modelling Manager, ODA Transport
Andrew Hodgson
Project Manager, Atkins
Public transport forecasting for London 2012September 2010
Nick Aldworth
General Manager, Transport for London
Barclays Cycle HireMarch 2011
Professor Chris Nash
ITS, University of Leeds
How effective is EU rail policy?April 2011
John DodgsonThe historical approach to identifying wider economic benefits from major urban rail investments: the Liverpool Overhead May 2011
Volume 38 – Number 3Tim Coombs
Aviation Economics
Peter Hind
RDC Aviation
Airlines in a carbon traded world and the perils of aviation forecastingJune 2011
Andrew Last
Minnerva Ltd
Concessionary bus travelSeptember 2011
Keith Buchan
Lorry Road User ChargingOctober 2011
Volume 39 – Number 1Mark Weiner
High Speed 2
Demand forecasts and appraisal of High Speed 2January 2011
Gavin Gaunt
Department for Transport
The Transport Business CaseNovember 2011
Dick Dunmore
Steer Davies Gleave
Reviewing rail fares for the Rail Value for Money StudyJanuary 2012
Volume 39 – Number 2Tom Farrell & Robin Finer
Competition Commission
Competition Commission investigation into the supply of local bus services in the UKFebruary 2012
Ian Skinner
Transport & Environmental Policy Research
Delivering greenhouse gas reductions in European transport by 2050March 2012
Ben Condry
Imperial College, London
MOIRA2April 2012
Volume 39 – Number 3Andrew Price
Chief Economist, Halcrow Group Limited
The Thames Airport Hub – making the business caseJune 2012
Jake Kelly
South Western Railway
The Wessex AllianceSeptember 2012
Professor Phil Goodwin
UWE Bristol
Stephen Joseph
Chief Executive, Campaign for Better Transport
Modelling and rebooting Smarter ChoicesOctober 2012
Volume 40 – Number 1Duncan Horne
Transport for London
Smartcards in London – how intelligent use of smartcard data can change the way transport providers workNovember 2012
Scott Le Vine
Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College London
On the Move: making sense of car and train travel trends in BritainJanuary 2013
Volume 40 – Number 2Debate chaired by Peter Mackie (ITS, Leeds), Tom Worsley, (ITS, Leeds) and Scott Clyne (Arup)Can good economics take the politics out of transport?February 2013
Richard Anderson (Director) & Ben Condry (Senior Research Associate)
RTSC, Imperial College London
International Public Transport Benchmarking: Can It Be Useful?March 2013
Dick Dunmore
Steer Davies Gleave
The European Commission’s Fourth Railway PackageMay 2013
Peter White
University of Westminster
Current issues in local bus industry structure and regulationJune 2013
Volume 40 – Number 3Jean Richards
CEO, SecondWind Shipping Limited
Shipping – Boom, Bust & Beleaguered BanksApril 2013
Carol Smales
Transport for London
Devolution of local rail services to Transport for LondonSeptember 2013
Andrew Last
Minnerva Ltd
Costs and benefits of concessionary travel policies in EnglandOctober 2013
Volume 41 – Number 1David Bull
Director of Planning & Transportation, Thurrock Council
Decision making and evaluation: time for a changeNovember 2013
Ian Yeowart
Alliance Rail Holdings
Open access rail services: policies, practicalities and prospectsJanuary 2014
Dick Dunmore
Steer Davies Gleave
The Airports Commission: issues and evidenceFebruary 2014
Volume 41 – Number 2John SegalRail fares policyMarch 2014
Alice Crossley
Transport Modelling Head of Profession, Department of Transport
WebTAG and uncertainty in transport modelling and appraisalApril 2014
Tom Worsley
ITS, University of Leeds
International comparisons of transport appraisal practiceMay 2014
Volume 41 – Number 3David Simmonds
David Simmonds Consultancy Limited
Developing LUTI models to incorporate the effect of transport schemes on jobs and GVAJune 2014
Chris Stokes
First Class Partnerships
Getting the most out of the existing rail networkSeptember 2014
Dick Dunmore
Steer Davies Gleave
Creating rail open access across continentsNovember 2014
Volume 41 – Number 4Seminar with Transport Statistics Users GroupChanging factors that affect transport demandNovember 2014
Volume 42 – Number 1Pedro Abrantes
Transport and the limits to urban growthJanuary 2015
John Preston
University of Southampton
Bus deregulation: 30 years onFebruary 2015
Volume 42 – Number 2Richard DaviesRailway finance and governanceOctober 2014
Scott Clyne
Funding and financing of Crossrail 2March 2015
Amanda Rowlatt
Department for Transport
Analysis for the Roads Investment StrategyMay 2015
Tom Worsley
ITS, University of Leeds
Transport policy, appraisal and decision-making: is the process at a crossroads?June 2015
Volume 42 – Number 3Dr. Rachel Aldred
University of Westminster
Is transport appraisal failing cycling?September 2015
David Metz
University College London
Travel in the twenty-first century: reconsidering appraisal and forecasting methodologiesOctober 2015
Daniel Hanson, Jonathan Gillham & Joel Strange
Total Appraisal in practice: the story of the Airports Commission and the Lower Thames CrossingNovember 2015
Volume 43 – Number 1David Hunt
Head of Economics and Policy, ORR
Building the Highways MonitorJanuary 2016
Andrew Meaney
Economic Evaluation of High Speed 1?February 2016
Richard Batley
ITS, University of Leeds
Provision of market research for values of travel time savings and reliabilityMarch 2016
Volume 43 – Number 2Ian Palmer
Transport for Greater Manchester
The Northern Transport Strategy and the role of Transport for the NorthApril 2016
Dick Dunmore
Steer Davies Gleave
The practicalities of scarcity charging for rail infrastructure capacityMay 2016
Peter White
University of Westminster
Options for the local bus industry, in the light of the Bus Services BillJune 2016
Volume 43 – Number 3Jeremy DrewRail infrastructure tariffs to promote private investment – the case of MongoliaSeptember 2016
Chris Campbell
Department for Transport
Wider Economic Benefits guidance updateOctober 2016
Chris Morris
Global Head of Consultancy, Flight Ascend
Appraising aircraft value and valuationsNovember 2016
Volume 44 – Number 1Danail Popov
Frontier Economics
Strengthening the links between transport appraisal and evaluationJanuary 2017
Lynne Miles
Crossrail 1 Baseline EvaluationFebruary 2017
Margot Finley
The use of the demand cap in appraisalMarch 2017
Volume 44 – Number 2Mark Curran
Transport for London
Implementing London’s Night TubeApril 2017
Prof Andrew Smith & Dr. Phill Wheat
ITS, University of Leeds
Econometric evidence on vertical integration and the size and structure of rail franchises: what can we learn?May 2017
Julian Ware
Transport for London
Land value captureJune 2017
Volume 44 – Number 3Janice Morphet
Visiting Professor, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL
Brexit: implications for transport in the UKSeptember 2017
Andrew Last
Minnerva Ltd.
Concessionary bus travel for older and disabled peopleOctober 2017
Dick Dunmore
Steer Davies Gleave
The economics and prospects of Europe’s night trainsNovember 2017
Volume 45 – Number 1Keith MacKenzie
Transport Scotland
Evaluating rail projects in ScotlandJanuary 2018
Helen Bowkett
Arcadis & Visiting Professor, University of the West of England
Agent Based ModellingFebruary 2018
Phil Goodwin University of the West of England
Gordon Stokes
University of Oxford
Young people’s travel patterns – what’s changed and whyMarch 2018
Volume 45 – Number 2Fitsum Teklu
Updating the rail Passenger Demand Forecasting HandbookApril 2018
Tom Worsley
ITS, University of Leeds
The evolution of transport cost-benefit analysis: how we got to where we areMay 2018
Peter Jones & Paulo Anciaes
University College London
The valuation of community severance caused by busy roadsJune 2018
Volume 45 – Number 3Dick Dunmore
The Kangaroo Route: observations after a million milesSeptember 2018
Helen Bowkett
The economics of the Lower Thames CrossingOctober 2018
Margot Finley
Programmatic appraisalNovember 2018
Volume 46 – Number 1James Gillingham
Cambridge Economic Policy Associates
Highways England’s ring-fenced fundsJanuary 2019
Greg Marsden
ITS, University of Leeds
All change: do shifts in travel demand trends matter to transport economics?February 2019
Glenn Lyons
University of the West of England
The many assumptions about self-driving cars: where are we heading and who is in the driving seat?March 2019
Volume 46 – Number 2John Segal & Jenny Taylor
Evaluation of the 26-30 Railcard PilotApril 2019
Professor Helen Simpson
University of Bristol
The economic impacts of HS1 in KentMay 2019
Ivan Viehoff
Cambridge Economic Policy Associates
Alternative institutional structures for airportsJune 2019
Volume 46 – Number 3
Seyram Kumapley
Transport for London
Developing the case for the West London Orbital RailwaySeptember 2019
David Starkie
Case Associates
Investment and growth: the impact of Britain’s post-war trunk roads programmeOctober 2019

Dick Dunmore
Monitoring the European Rail Market: the RMMSNovember 2019
Volume 47 – Number 1Andrew Bustin
SNC Lavalin Atkins
East meets West: shaping and making the case for the new East West RailwaysJanuary 2020
Anna Dabrowska
Economic assessment of technology impact in the aviation industryFebruary 2020
Volume 47 – Number 2
Not published
No meetings March-June
Volume 47 – Number 3Stephen Glaister
Imperial College London and LSE
The Oakervee Review of HS2September 2020
Rachel Brisley
Professor John Dora
ISO and Climate Sense
UK Climate Change Risk Assessment – Where do we go from here?October 2020
Tom Cohen
Senior Lecturer at the University of
Westminster’s Active Travel Academy
Scenario-based planning in transport: potential, limitations and outstanding questionsNovember 2020
Volume 48 – Number 1Joseph Lowe
HM Treasury
The New Green BookJanuary 2021
Peter White
Emeritus Professor of Public Transport at the
University of Westminster
Changes in the use of bus services in EnglandFebruary 2021
Tim Price
Transport for
Forecasting travel demand in London when there is an
uncertain future: an analytical framework
March 2021
Volume 48 Number 2Mark Bolger
Atkins Global
Social Value in the Built EnvironmentApril 2021
Claire Haigh
Greener Transport Solutions
Zero Emissions Vehicles and Road PricingMay 2021
Alistair Baldwin
Institute for Government
Evidence in Transport PolicyJune 2021
Volume 48 Number 3Dick DunmoreThirty years of European rail reformSeptember 2021
Dr Fraser Sommerville
Mobility as a Service (MaaS)October 2021
Matt Smith
The relationship between transport and the visitor economyNovember 2021
Volume 49 Number 1
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Alexander Jan & Matthew Dillon
Why Travel?January 2022
Richard DaviesRail industry structure: next stepsFebruary 2022
Dick DunmoreRail industry contracting, competition and capacity: next stepsMarch 2022
Volume 49 Number 2
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Dick DunmoreRail industry passenger rights: next stepsApril 2022
David Metz
UCL Centre for Transport Studies
The impact of Digital Navigation on travel behaviourMay 2022
Volume 49 Number 3
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Peter White
Emeritus Professor, University of Westminster
Recent developments in local bus services, the taxi/PHV market, and the role of smaller vehiclesSeptember 2022
Peter White
Emeritus Professor, University of Westminster
Tim Reynolds
Forty years’ experience of express coach deregulation in BritainOctober 2022
Dominic Walley
Connected Economics
Clyde and Hebridean Ferries – The impacts on Island CommunitiesNovember 2022
Volume 50 Number 1
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Richard Zavitz
Transport for London
Jennifer Bottomley
Department for Transport
Csaba Pogonyi & Matthew Dillon
The Elizabeth line’s benefits framework and the line’s impact on LondonJanuary 2023
Gary Oakes
Meta-Evaluation of Local Major Schemes – What are the lessons for scheme promotors and transport practitioners?February 2023
Adriana Moreno Pelayo
National evaluation of e-scooter trials – key findingsMarch 2023