Membership is open to everyone connected with or interested in the finance and economics of transport, irrespective of background and/or qualifications.

Membership of TEG entitles you to:

  • receive advance notice of all TEG meetings and seminars, together with details of events hosted by similar organisations;
  • attend our meetings and seminars (guests are also permitted to attend our regular meetings subject to a small contribution);
  • be emailed the slides from each speakers’ presentation on a regular basis;
  • be sent a printed copy of the latest of the Group’s journal, The Transport Economist, containing full reports of each meeting; and
  • receive a list of TEG members, updated annually & including contact details (subject to members’ consent).

The current annual subscription rates are:

  • £28.00 – for UK, Europe and Worldwide members.
  • £7.00 – for full-time UK student members (with confirmation).

To find out more or apply for membership, please pull down the Membership menu at the top of this page, or click on this link – Joining the TEG .

As membership of the TEG is not dependant upon any professional status, nor lead to a professional qualification, it should not be construed as an indication of any specific competance. No statement or action by the Group or its members may be construed as an endorsement of any proposal, scheme or person.

For details of compliance by the TEG with the GDPR please use this link or pull down the Membership menu.